Anyone who engages critically with conspiracy theories will soon encounter confusion. Actual conspiracies occur quite regularly, whether they’re scandals, coverups or government secrets. How do we differentiate between genuine plots and conspiracies?

Conspiracy Lounge uses societies secrets to serve the finest food, drinks and artisan shisha. We hold many of societies secrets, make a plot and come see for yourself.

City Road, Cardiff

02922 801 515

The Conspiracy Experience

Conspiracy is like nowhere else in the world. It’s fun, frantic, addictive and full of conspiracies which will leave you asking yourself questions on reality. Our menu offering and memorable customer service is merely one side to your Conspiracy experience – we go beyond the usual.

As pioneers in shisha industry Conspiracy offers over 70 shisha flavours ranging from classic to modern flavours beyond tradition.
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Bringing you colourful mocktails from around the world. We make sure our fruits are in season all year round to provide you with mouth-watering, flavour bursting mocktails.
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We have what it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Golden fluffy waffles, gooey brownies, delectable cakes, is your mouth watering yet? We are the home of sensational luxury desserts.
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102 – 106 City Road, Cardiff
CF24 3DQ

02922 801 515


1E Palace Gate Kensington,
London W8 5LS

020 7581 8346

city road, cardiff

Opening 11th December 2020

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